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The Mobile Revolution

Understanding Smartphone Consumers

The Zip Dandy Shipping Platform

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With Zip Dandy you can easily create mobile marketing campaigns that engage and attract customers in just a few simple steps.


Zip Dandy’s mobile tools like SMS and e-mail messaging allows you to communicate across multiple channels.


Every time you engage your audience, Zip Dandy tracks and builds reports which allow you to measure your marketing effectiveness.


Zip Dandy: Now you can retain more customers with easy to use state-of-the-art mobile marketing tools.

Tap into the mobile revolution

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Zip Dandy’s Mobile Marketing Suite

Zip Dandy is capable of producing mobile coupons to send through SMS. These coupons can produce barcodes that are able to integrate with most POS systems within your store.

Mobile Coupons

Competition is a great way to increase the number of opt-ins and drive leads. Host mobile competitions by having recipients text in to a shortcode.


Mobile website builder and CMS enables easy deployment of mobile websites and landing pages for clients. All websites are optimized for viewing on all devices; smartphones or tablets.

Mobile Websites

Social plugins makes it easy to post mobile deals and contests to Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Social Integration

Set up multiple appointment reminders. Each SMS reminder allows the end-user to text back whether they’re on-time, need to reschedule or are running late.


Build a loyalty program without the punch card. Zip Dandy’s mobile loyalty plugin makes it simple. All that’s required to track points and rewards is a mobile phone number.

Loyalty Programs

Build a scheduled release of materials to customers in your opt-in list. Auto-responders add in the possibility of producing timed campaigns that routinely galvanize customers with evenly spaced increments of offers and text updates.


The Zip Dandy platform can communicate with a number of email marketing solutions to automatically add opted in recipients to your email marketing lists. This enables a multi-channel marketing approach.

E-mail Integration

The Zip Dandy, Text-to-Screen feature enables a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message to a designated short code, this will then be posted on a screen/projection device where the live audience can view the message.


The usefulness and effectiveness of QR Codes, at empowering engagement, cannot be overstated. Generate QR Codes for use on print materials, product shelves, queueing lines and any place else where creating an enhanced user experience, is your goal.

QR Codes

The properly listing module works with QR Codes or short-codes to provide prospective home owners with additional information on a property. You can even collect visitor info at your next open house and follow-up within minutes instead of days.

Property & Real Estate

Kiosks are mobile landing pages for either opt-in or redeeming mobile loyalty points. The kiosk builder makes it easy to deploy these landing pages so you can look like a pro when rewarding your loyal customers.

Kiosk Builder

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